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Optimized for both explicit and tacit knowledge

Built-in workflow and life-cycle management

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning

Knowledge workers spend about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information to do their job. The High Cost of Not Finding Information, IDC

Is your team knowledge trapped in different tools?

AllAnswered is one place to capture and share all types of knowledge - tacit, dynamic and static.
  • Capture tacit knowledge (a.k.a know-hows) that is inside people's head with Q&As, blog posts and polls
  • Document explicit knowledge (a.k.a know-what) that requires periodic review, such as sales collateral, price book, deployment playbook, with wiki pages.
  • Keep records as reference for factual knowledge such as design spec, meeting minutes.

Is your Wiki littered with outdated documents?

AllAnswered keeps your knowledge base up-to-date with built-in workflow management.
  • Break silos and foster collaboration among team members through communities
  • Built-in workflow with Smart notification and clear dashboard to track knowledge management tasks
  • Knowledge life cycle management to close and delete out-dated content

Is knowledge management taking too much of your time?

Let AllAnswered be your knowledge assistant, powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Smart notification and reminders with emails and Slack bot streamline the management process
  • Automatically suggest related content and identify knowledge gaps in your current knowledge base
  • Intelligent and personalized search with natural language processing and machine learning

What is poor knowledge management costing you?

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% Increase in Productivity*

*18% is the average as reported by AllAnswered users

No more shoulder tapping and interruptions

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