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Capture team knowledge through Micro-documents™

Q&As, blogs, articles, ideas, polls & more

Knowledge workers spend about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information to do their job. The High Cost of Not Finding Information, IDC

Break Down Silos

Unlock the knowledge and know-how trapped in emails, chat rooms and forums.

Capture Tacit Knowledge

Promote cross training and prevent knowledge loss during employee turnover.

Boost Team Productivity

Collective and collaborative learning leads to higher productivity and efficiency.

What is poor knowledge management costing you?

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% Increase in Productivity*



*18% is the average as reported by AllAnswered users

Why AllAnswered Works

"No more shoulder tapping and interruptions"

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Leverage the Power of Communities

Organize your team knowledge by communities. Create a community for a project, a topic, a group, or a common interest. Keep communities engaged and knowledge updated.

Efficient and Effective Micro-documents™

Knowledge ≠ documents. AllAnswered uses Micro-documents™ which include Q&As, blogs, articles, ideas and polls to capture team knowledge. It is engaging, efficient and highly effective.

Integrated with Your Existing Workflow

AllAnswered is deeply integrated with your existing workflow through emails and Slack integration. So you can easily create content and find what you need when you need it.

Secure Enterprise SaaS Solution

No installation, no maintenance and no problems! AllAnswered hosted solution is enterprise grade, reliable and secure. 99.9% uptime for paid customers.

View a Real Community

Check out the public community for FEniCS, an open source project.

Sorry that we cannot show you any team's private communities (team vs. public space).

A team can have unlimited communities for groups and projects in their own private space.

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