Job Description

Job title: e.g. Software Engineer

Hiring manager: @mention hiring manager

Location: e.g. San Francisco, CA

Type: e.g. Full-time/Contractor

Job description

describe why this new hire is needed and his/her role.


List of the main responsibilities of this new hire:

  • responsibility #1
  • responsibility #2
  • responsibility #3


List of key qualifications for this new hire:

  • qualification #1
  • qualification #2
  • qualification #3


Related materials:

  • link to company hiring process
  • link to company benefit page
  • other useful links and information

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Job Description Template

What is the Job Description Template?

As an organization, you might have several roles that you are looking to fill in. But before posting the job details and interviewing candidates, you have to figure what exactly you are looking for, thus, making job descriptions the most widely used tool during the hiring process. These job descriptions provide candidates with detailed information regarding the open positions at your organization.

Of course, job descriptions are crucial for effective communication between the candidate and the employer. But putting together a job description can be a tedious task.

AllAnswered Job Description template allows you to list out all the information in a clear, concise, and effective manner. The template allows you to clearly define the responsibilities, qualifications, and reference materials for the candidates.

Why Use a Job Description Template?

There are several reasons for including a well-structured job description template in your hiring process. An effective job description template can help you find and source the best candidates for your open position. If you have the right idea about the kind of talent you want, you can communicate that information through the template, attracting suitable candidates.

The job description template also helps the hiring managers and human resources team by providing them with consistent documents for all open positions. It also serves as a basis for measurement and evaluation in the future.

The template also provides you with an opportunity to highlight the culture of your company. You can use the template to tell potential employees why they would love working for your organization.

Moreover, human resource managers often do not have sufficient time to put together an effective job description from scratch for each opening. Having a template allows them to create high-quality job descriptions within a short period.

How to Use a Job Description Template?

Using a job description template is quite simple. However, before you start putting together the information, it is imperative to spend some time brainstorming the detailed requirements of the job opening.

In the top section, you can outline the basic information of the position that you are hiring for. You may also include details about the hiring manager, location, and the type of open position. In the next section, you can add the actual job description with more information about what you are looking for in the candidate and what different skills the candidates should possess.

You can use bullet points to list the responsibilities and qualifications in the template. At last, you can provide other references for the candidates to gain more information regarding your organization.