Performance Evaluation

Date: today's date

Employee: @mention employee

Supervisor: @mention supervisor

Major accomplishments

List of main projects finished in this review period:

  • accomplishment #1
  • accomplishment #2

Strengths & Impact

List of the employee's strengths and the impact he/she made in this review period:

  • strength
  • impact

Areas for Development

List of key areas of improvement to take your performance to the next level:

  • area #1
  • area #2

Grade for This Period

The grade given to the employee and justification.

Goals for Next Period

List of main goals the employee should accomplish in the next review period:

  • goal #1
  • goal #2

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Performance Evaluation Template

What is a Performance Evaluation Template?

A performance evaluation is a regulated assessment wherein the supervisor assesses the employee's work performance to identify their major accomplishments, strengths, and weaknesses. Feedback on future development and assistance in goal setting are also conducted at the same time. While the depth and frequency of the review process may vary from one organization to another, it is imperative to conduct a thorough assessment to ensure employees are well-aligned with the company's overall goals.

AllAnswered Performance Evaluation template allows you to conduct a thorough employee assessment in a structured manner. The template makes it easier for human resource managers to evaluate their employees consistently and keep a neutral point of view.

Why Use a Performance Evaluation Template?

For conducting an effective performance evaluation review, it is crucial to deliver a solution-based and positive message. This will ensure that it is less discouraging to the employee. Therefore, by using the performance evaluation template, you can provide your employees with constructive feedback while also praising their efforts.

Moreover, the template also shows how supervisors can provide constructive feedback by offering them clear information on what things to keep doing and where they can improve in the future.

The template also makes it easier for the employees to understand their progress, major accomplishments they achieved, and the areas their supervisors think they need to improve upon. It ensures that both the manager and the employee are on the same page and that there is no ambiguity.

Apart from this, using the template also allows supervisors to track the improvement of their employees. They can save the template document and use it for future review to determine the level of improvement particular employees have made during the period.

How to Use Performance Evaluation Template?

It is imperative to follow a consistent and structured manner for evaluating all employees within the organization. You can start using the AllAnswered Performance Evaluation template by mentioning the name of the employee and the supervisor.

The template can also be used to provide details regarding the major accomplishments of the employee during the review period. Additionally, you can provide details on their strengths and the impact they had on the project. At the same time, you can provide information on their weaknesses and where they need to improve.

Apart from this, you can also set goals for your employees that you want them to achieve before the next evaluation cycle. All of these factors will help you to provide constructive and positive feedback to your employees.