Empower Customer Support with All-In-One Knowledge Management System

Say goodbye to missing, incomplete and outdated materials

All-in-one knowledge base for your customer support team so they can quickly solve customer issues, up-sell, and delight customers with amazing experiences.

all-in-one solution

Give customer support team the power of knowledge management

AllAnswered knowledge management solution gives your customer support reps what they need to quickly and accurately answer customer questions, helping them create a greater customer experience.

A knowledge base that you support team can always trust

A robust knowledge base that is accurate and up-to-date allows your customer support reps to handle any issues that the customers have with confidence - no more wasting time double checking facts with others.

questions and answers
document management

Accelerate the time to on-board new support reps

There are so many things that a new support rep needs to learn when starting out. Make it easier and faster by providing them with a well-organized internal knowledge base so they can find answers to most of their questions.

Happy customers are loyal customers

Knowledge management enables your customer support team to meet and exceed your customers' demands. Your reps are able to build meaningful relationships with your customers and upsell your solution to impact the bottom line.

analytics insights


Advanced Wiki

Wiki pages to document product information, trouble-shooting guide and training materials.

Private Q&As

Capture team know-how that is hard to document in the form of Questions and Answers.

Built-in Workflow

Scheduled content reviews and verification keep your knowledge base up-to-date.

Powerful Search & Discovery

Spend less time searching and more time helping customers, building strong relationship.

Why AllAnswered?


40% reduction

in customer response time

knowledge silos

58% reduction

in new rep ramp time


45% less time

in searching for information

End Interruptions & Give Your Team the Resources They Need to Do Their Best Work

You’re in good company