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Minimize Distractions and Boost Team Productivity With A Company Q&A System

author Justin Friedman

In the ever-evolving digital marketplace, one of the most valuable resources for business and team is time. While job-specific skills and talent are great, the ability to hone in and focus on any given organizational task without constant interruption is critical for team productivity. 
However, even the most focused among us can easily fall prey to the day-to-day disruptions of having to handle recurring problems and answer constant questions. Constant distractions not only frustrate people, but they reduce our ability to accomplish our highest-priority tasks as we fall victim to the tyranny of the urgent.

Death By Distraction

Research continues to show that while we think we are capable of multitasking, humans are not quite as powerful as computers. Imagine this all-too-familiar scenario:
You sit down to spend a couple of hours working on a project that you have been trying to wrap up before the impending deadline. You get settled, open up the file containing the documents you need to finalize, when DING!
An email from a coworker pops up, asking you for a link to another project’s folder on your server. You minimize your screen, pull up the link, and send it back. You pull the project window back up, when BLEEP!
A Slack notification pops up at the top of your screen. It’s another team member from sales, looking for a PO template for a new, valuable client. You minimize your screen again, search through your document folder for the right PO, upload the file to a response email, and send it back. You pull your project back up again, when you feel a TAP on your shoulder.
A coworker has stopped by - asking you to come over and take a look at an unusual error on their computer.
Sound horrifyingly familiar? The average knowledge worker often faces a constant barrage of distractions and interruptions during their daily work that can quickly accumulate. The tyranny of the urgent, coupled with increased access to team-based messaging technology, has led to many valuable projects finding themselves sent to the always-simmering backburner. 

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The Solution: Company Q&A Knowledge Base Software

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a centralized database containing the answers to the everyday questions that so often become time-eating distractions? With a robust Company Q&A system, you can help your team operate without distraction while still having access to commonly asked questions and answers.

To help teams capitalize on their knowledge base and boost productivity, a variety of technological solutions have emerged on the market aimed at creating company-wide Q&A systems. With a Q&A system, companies can build and maintain an ever-growing knowledge base that is curated by team members. The benefits of a robust Q&A system abound:

  • Recycle solved problems by placing solutions into the system, rather than rebuilding the wheel every time an issue arises.
  • Speed up decision making for individuals who need guidance on moving forward or taking action.
  • Boost growth and personal productivity by encouraging community-based knowledge sharing.
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction with freed-up resources.
  • Encourage individual and enterprise knowledge through the sharing of resources and solutions.
  • Avoid unnecessary meetings by providing access to common questions and answers.

Build A Better Knowledge Base With AllAnswered Q&A Solutions

Your team deserves to have their valuable time protected. If you can begin to invest in an individual’s ability to avoid distractions and focus on their highest-priority work, you can ensure that they will deliver their best products time and again.

If you are looking to begin creating a high-functioning knowledge-sharing base with your team or company, don’t build from scratch. The team at AllAnswered has been building and implementing robust, easy-to-use Q&A system solutions for companies large or small, and is ready to help you bring the gift of productivity to your team. 

AllAnswered’s innovative online Q&A systems bring together the tools your team already uses and the power of automation to create a unique solution that your team will actually use. Across industries, AllAnswered customers have reported an 18% increase in their team’s overall productivity - which equates to tens of thousands of dollars in team member value added to your teams!

The unique value of an AllAnswered solution is its focus on both the tacit and explicit knowledge of your teams - helping provide access to the most commonly-requested internal and external operating procedure answers in your company. With their automation and dynamic systems, AllAnswered Q&A systems can be customized to fit nearly any team or business. 

With private and open Q&A spaces, as well as the ability to grant access to unique Q&A spaces for different groups, your employees will never have to worry about facing difficult situations again! Imagine the boost your team will feel in productivity and performance when everything they need to succeed is right at their fingertips!

Ready to discover how a Q&A system can revolutionize your teams and business? Visit AllAnswered online today to learn more, and to sign up for a free demo. Harness the power of your team’s collected brainpower and boost your potential with AllAnswered Q&A Knowledge Base!


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