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What do Your Employees need From Your Knowledge Base Software?

author Justin Friedman

As your organization continues to grow, there is a lot of information and guidelines that your employees need to know for doing their job efficiently. Any information that is not accessible easily can lead to repeated questions and lower productivity in team meetings. Therefore, having a strong knowledge base software can empower the sales team to close deals faster, the customer support team to resolve problems more efficiently, and the insights team to distribute their findings more effectively.

That is why having a strong knowledge management software improves every aspect of your business. In this article, we will discuss about the purpose of knowledge base software and what your employees need for the knowledge base software.

Purpose of Knowledge Base Software

Think of knowledge base software as a personal Google search of your company where employees can find everything related to the company and its operations. That said, the major purpose of a knowledge management software is to make information more accessible and searchable to all employees.

On average employees spend approximately 30% of their time looking for information stored in cluttered inboxes and unorganized repositories. Therefore, if all of the important information is kept in one centralized repository, your employees will not have to look at several different places. This will also boost their productivity in the workplace.

What do Employees need From Knowledge Base Software?

1. Easy to understand content

For employees, knowledge management software serves as a true resource to get the work done. Therefore, it is imperative that it must contain easy to digest content which is also reliable and resourceful.

Think about the purpose of the content and who is going to use that content. For instance, if the document is about frequently asked customer support questions, formulate the information in a simple question and answer (Q&A) format on an internal Q&A platform for your customer support team. Similarly, if the document is meant for the legal team, it must be more detailed. Simply uploading a bunch of documents in the repository is not beneficial to anyone.

Therefore, the information and the documents you provide to your employees should be easy to understand. This will allow them to do their job more efficiently. 

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2. New and fresh content in a single platform

Employees need access to the content which is available on a single platform and is updated frequently. Any content which is trapped in different places will not provide sufficient value to your employees.

Therefore, your centralized knowledge base software must provide employees with updated information through something like a company wiki to make better decisions. How many deals were closed last quarter? The number of new projects in the pipeline? Results of the latest customer satisfaction survey?

All of this data should be stored on a single platform. This will allow the employees to stay informed regarding the progress of your company and will also help in reducing unnecessary bottlenecks.

3. Simplified and streamlined navigation

One of the major things that employees look for in knowledge management software is streamlined navigation. Information and content inside the knowledge base software must be searchable.

If the content is not searchable, it is as good as not having a knowledge management software. Therefore, by providing your employees with simplified and streamlined navigation, you are offering them with a next-level experience. This enhanced user-experience will improve their productivity by offering information that is easy to understand, update, and share.

4. Encourage collaboration

Collaboration and teamwork are very important for employees. It ensures that there is a collective effort for all parties involved. Therefore, employees look for knowledge base software that fosters and promotes collaboration. 

Knowledge base software can improve collaboration opportunities between employees by offering them a discussion forum where they can ask questions and provide answers to each other. Not only this will increase employee knowledge about the topic, but they will also become more productive at their job.

They tend to feel more invested in the organization and thus offering all of their skills and talents for its growth.

5. Third-party integrations

Your employees are working with several tools to get their job done on a day-to-day basis. They are looking for knowledge base software that can allow them to access different tools from one place.

Therefore, as an organization, it is imperative to invest in knowledge management software that works seamlessly with other tools that employees use every day. This will boost their productivity, resulting in better success for your company.

Some of the key integrations offered by AllAnswered include Slack, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Jira, Bitbucket,, Single Sign-On, and much more.

6. Connecting remote employees

Remote work has become the new normal ever since the coronavirus outbreak. With millions of employees forced to work from their homes, organizations must provide their employees with a knowledge base software that can connect with remote employees.

Offering remote access to your company’s knowledge management software ensures that employees can access documents and information from anywhere, any time. This timely access to information will allow them to do their job more effectively and on-time. 

7. AI-powered knowledge management software

With the ever-growing amount of information in the knowledge management software, the discovery of data becomes difficult for employees.

However, an AI-powered knowledge base software solves this problem for employees. Artificial Intelligence uses new technologies such as natural language processing, semantic search, and machine learning. This makes it easier for employees to find information that they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge management software increases employee productivity, collaboration, and engagement. However, it must provide them with value. AllAnswered knowledge management system is an all-in-solution that provides your employee with what they want to do their job more efficiently. It leverages the power of AI and integrates several third-party tools that allow employees to do their job seamlessly.  


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