Your Team's Collective Brain

AllAnswered is an all-in-one knowledge management system powered by artificial intelligence. Optimized for both tacit and explicit knowledge with its built-in workflow and life-cycle management, AllAnswered helps teams collectively manage and grow their knowledge base over time.

Knowledge is your team's No. 1 asset, but managing it effectively is super challenging.

Generally speaking, there are two types of knowledge - tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge, a.k.a know-hows, is mainly experience-based and hard to codify. Whereas explicit knowledge, a.k.a. know-what, can be captured using documentation.

Quora and Stackoverflow have proven that questions and answers (Q&As) are a highly effective way to capture tacit knowledge. AllAnswered takes it a step further and supports three additional post types, polls, ideas and news, to support different use cases for teams.

As for explicit knowledge, we further categorize it into dynamic knowledge and static knowledge. Because dynamic knowledge constantly evolves and subsequently requires periodical verification, AllAnswered uses pages with a mandatory verification schedule to keep dynamic knowledge up-to-date. Static knowledge is relatively stable after it has been documented and is updated on an as-needed basis. AllAnswered uses records to capture static knowledge.

In order to keep your knowledge base updated, it is a must for your knowledge management system to have a robust workflow and life-cycle management. A page for dynamic knowledge, when created, requires a verification schedule so that its validity can be ensured through periodic reviewing. For all types of content on AllAnswered (posts, pages and records), you can request an ad-hoc verification at any time. If certain contents are no longer valid, you may request it to be closed or deleted by community moderators. For easy, comprehensive management, all open requests are listed on both the community dashboard and the specific content page. Email reminders are automatically sent out to team members with pending tasks.

AllAnswered leverages the power of communities for collaborative knowledge sharing. You can create communities for projects, groups or any topics. To provide different levels of access control, communities can be either open or private. Integrated with your existing processes such as emails and Slack, your team knowledge is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Our customers report an average 18% productivity increase after using AllAnswered. Start your free trial or request a demo today.