Hiring Process


Prior to interviewing, the recruiting team will identify the most qualified candidates for the opening. The recruiting team will review the candidates with the hiring manager and identify a short list to move to the next stage.

Phone screening

Recruiters will schedule a screening call with the list of candidates identified with the hiring manager. Depending on the role of the opening, the hiring manager or a member of the recruiting team should conduct the phone screen. Based on the outcome of the call, the recruiting team or the hiring manager may reject the candidate or move the candidate to the team interview stage.

Team interview

A panel of interviewers will meet the candidate and assess the candidate's qualification by asking both technical and behavioral questions. The team interview should be conducted on-site or remotely through video conferencing.

Optional 2nd round interview

If needed, a second round of interview can be conducted to further evaluate the candidate.

Reference check

The recruiting team or the hiring manager will contact references for qualified candidates from the team interview. Reference check must be completed before an offer can be made.

Offer call

The recruiting team or the hiring manager may make an offer verbally during a call with the candidate.

Finalize offer

The recruiting team and the hiring manager will negotiate with the candidate on the offer and get it signed off.