Product Launch

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Status: Planning, In progress or Done


describe the goals of this product launch.


List the key metrics for measuring the success of this product launch:

Metric Target
e.g. user engagement e.g. reduce bounce rate by 50%

Messaging and positioning

Product description

short description of the product

Short positioning message

short positioning statement (elevator pitch)

Long positioning message

detailed positioning statement (value proposition)


Timeline and key milestones

use built-in to create timelines or gantt charts

Distribution channels

List of channels used by this launch:

Channel Owner Due Status Notes
email outreach campaign John Smith Jan. 1st, 2020 pending/in progress/done segment existing email list

Promotions & events

List of promotion events for this launch:

Promotion Owner Due Status Notes
press interview John Smith Jan. 1st, 2020 pending/in progress/done finalize press list


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