Product Launch

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Status: Planning, In progress or Done


describe the goals of this product launch.


List the key metrics for measuring the success of this product launch:

Metric Target
e.g. user engagement e.g. reduce bounce rate by 50%

Messaging and positioning

Product description

short description of the product

Short positioning message

short positioning statement (elevator pitch)

Long positioning message

detailed positioning statement (value proposition)


Timeline and key milestones

use built-in to create timelines or gantt charts

Distribution channels

List of channels used by this launch:

Channel Owner Due Status Notes
email outreach campaign John Smith Jan. 1st, 2020 pending/in progress/done segment existing email list

Promotions & events

List of promotion events for this launch:

Promotion Owner Due Status Notes
press interview John Smith Jan. 1st, 2020 pending/in progress/done finalize press list


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Product Launch Template

What is a Product Launch Template?

Successfully launching a new product in the market is as important as developing a great product. If the product launch is not effective - it will not appeal to the customers or leave a negative impression of your product. As a result, your company may not hit the revenue and profitability goals as expected. Thus, having a solid plan for your product launch becomes critical.

For instance, how will you differentiate your product from the competitors? Which marketing strategies will you use to better appeal to the customers? How will you determine the success of your product launch? There are several things that you need to plan before launching the product in the market.

AllAnswered Product Launch Template can help you prepare such a plan in a structured manner. The template will help you walk through each step of the launch strategy, giving you the confidence of a successful product launch.

Why Use a Product Launch Template?

Planning for product launches in documents and spreadsheets creates too many separate pieces to connect, update, and coordinate. As a result, product managers might get overwhelmed managing all the details, leaving little time to what they should focus on - the strategies and execution. Therefore, to keep your product launch from becoming chaotic and keep everything organized - you must use the product launch template.

Moreover, when you are working on a product launch plan in individual spreadsheets and docs, your team might not be on-board with your strategies because they might never get access to the documents in their cluttered email inbox.

When you use the template, sharing product launch plans and strategies with your team members becomes very simple. It enables you to create and share a well-thought plan with all stakeholders involved.

Additionally, you can provide regular updates through the template. Rather than responding to ad-hoc questions in meetings, share regular updates through the product launch template, allowing everyone to stay up to date on the relevant launch metrics.

How to Use the Product Launch Template?

You can start using the product launch template by defining the overall objective of the product launch program. Describe the goals you are trying to achieve through the product launch.

In the following section, you can list out the key metrics for measuring the success of the product launch. You can also list out the messaging and positioning of your new product. For instance, you can provide a brief description of your product and also define its value proposition.

The template can also be used for defining the key timelines and milestones. Moreover, list out the different distribution channels along with promotion events for the launch of your new product.

Finally, you can include the reference materials for additional information that may include your product requirement document or any other useful links.