Project Plan

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Status: Planning, In progress or Done


describe the problem you're trying to solve and the background of the project.


List the goals and key metrics for the project in the priority order:

Goal Metric
e.g. improve user engagement e.g. target bounce rate and page views


List of technical and business assumptions:

  • assumption #1
  • assumption #2


Must have

  • core requirements

Nice to have

  • things we want but not required

Out of scope

  • things that are not in scope


Timeline and key milestones

use built-in to create timelines or gantt charts

Open questions

Questions that need further discussion:

  • open question #1

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Project Plan Template

What is a Project Plan Template?

A Project Plan template is a reference document that describes the most suited approach towards a particular project. Of course, project plans can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. However, there are templates that can help you outline different aspects of the projects from start to finish in a relatively straightforward manner.

AllAnswered Project Plan template allows you to breakdown your plan into critical components, making it easier for you to manage the projects regardless of their size and complexity while keeping stakeholders in the loop all along.

Why Use a Project Plan Template?

There are several benefits of using a project plan template. For instance, it provides the project manager, team, and stakeholders a clear picture regarding the specifics of the project. It allows your business to create a transparent environment that reduces nasty surprises, increases clarity, and keeps everyone informed.

Moreover, project plans help you and your team members to get things done on time. When everyone is aware of their responsibilities and timelines, it increases the efficiency of your team. With the team members knowing their responsibilities, it also saves a lot of time and money for your business. Project managers no longer have to guide every team member individually regarding their responsibilities.

Lastly, it helps you answer the big questions right from the very beginning. It enables you to determine the goals that you are trying to achieving from the project. Thus, making the process much more streamlined.

How to Use a Project Plan Template?

You can start using the template by entering some basic information. These details can include the name of the person who edited the template, the date it was edited on and the current status of the plan. In the following section, you can describe the background of the project. For instance, what problem you are trying to solve through the project.

You can also define the goals that you want to achieve and the factors you will use to determine the project's success. Moreover, the template can also be used to list out various assumptions that can help your team to conduct their work efficiently.

In the template, you can define the scope of the project and break it down into three categories – must-have, nice to have, and out of scope. The key timelines and milestones should also be included. Outlining these factors will give a clear understanding to the team members, allowing them to manage their work better.

Lastly, you can also compile a list of open questions that need further discussion between the team members.