Customer Interview

Date: today's date

Interviewer: John Smith

Customer: Acme Inc.

Customer contact: Mary Doe ( (123)456-7890


List of goals of the interview:

  • goal #1
  • goal #2


List of questions for the customer:

question #1 ... ?

Customer answer:

customer answer

question #2 ... ?

Customer answer:

customer answer

question #3 ... ?

Customer answer:

customer answer


Summarize key findings from the interview:

  • issues discovered
  • areas for improvement

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Customer Interview Template

What is a Customer Interview Template?

Customers are the best source to access actionable and insightful information that can transform your business operations, products, or services. In other words, interviewing your customers can help you grow your business. However, how do you remember the crucial data points discussed during the interview process?

AllAnswered Customer Interview template allows you to take notes during the interview conversation. The template provides you with an organized space to write down invaluable customer feedback.

Why Use a Customer Interview Template?

There are several benefits of using a customer interview template. First and foremost, it allows you to record customer feedback systematically. Thus, allowing you to refer the feedback at a later stage with your team.

Moreover, remembering key data points after the interview is concluded can be difficult, especially when you are interviewing customers one after the other. Therefore, using a customer interview template allows you to record the most important discoveries as soon as you hear them during the interview.

The template can also be used to convert key conversations points into actual insights. For instance, you can find out that 10 out of 15 people said that they were nervous paying with their credit card. This discovery can help the marketing team figure out appropriate strategies to boost customer confidence.

Apart from this, the template also ensures that the interviewing team knows the goals behind the interview. It provides them with a list of specific questions that they are supposed to ask customers. Thus, ensuring that they are not digressing from the objective of the interview.

How to Use Customer Interview Template?

There is no point to call up the customer and start firing unnecessary questions. Therefore, spend some time with your team to brainstorm the interview goals. Based on these goals, prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask your customers. Shortlist some of the most important questions in the template before calling customers.

You can also use the template to record personal details about your customer. These details can include their name, number, or email address. This information can be used for future reference purposes.

The customer interview template can also be used to summarize the key findings from the interview. In bullet points, you can record the issues that were discovered during the interview. Moreover, if the customer suggests some areas of improvement, you can also record that in your findings.