User Persona


Persona name: e.g. Customer Support Manager John

Persona details: details of this persona

Demographic information

  • Age: 20-55
  • Gender: male/female/both
  • Family: single/married/married with kids/retired
  • Income: $123/month
  • Education level: high school/college/postgraduate
  • Location: e.g. west coast

Professional profile

  • Job title: job title
  • Job description: job responsibilities
  • Company: employer
  • Company size: revenue, employee count
  • Industry: industry category

Pain points

Describe the main challenges and pain points of the user:

  • challenge #1
  • challenge #2

Value proposition

Describe the value propositions of our product and how they address the challenges:

  • value proposition #1
  • value proposition #2

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User Persona Template

What is a User Persona Template?

A user persona, also known as a buyer persona, is a detailed profile that represents your ideal customer. It is often used by the sales and marketing team to determine what kind of customer would purchase a particular product or service. As a crucial know-your-audience tool, user persona helps companies design key strategies that might result in successful products.

AllAnswered User Persona template allows you to collect crucial information about potential customers. Thus, helping companies to create and build more effective products and services.

Why Use a User Persona Template?

User Persona template is an incredibly helpful tool which has several benefits to offer. If used correctly, the user persona template can help you design and market products that respond to the pain points of customers. The template allows you to fulfill the demand of the target market more efficiently.

Moreover, the template also provides great opportunities for teams to work together and brainstorm their ideas. For instance, if the marketing and design team can work collectively at this stage, they can remain on the same page throughout the product development process.

The template serves as an efficient tool and can be used to create more targeted and powerful campaigns. 

Also, the template can offer invaluable data and insights. For example, It can also help in segmenting your content marketing effort. Businesses can use this research in various aspects of their operations.

How to Use User Persona Template?

User personas are based on real people. Therefore, make sure that you start by collecting their personal information. For instance, you can research the demographic details of your targeted customers. This information can include age, gender, family, income, educational level, and location.

You can also collect details about their professional profile. For instance, job title, job description, company, company size, and industry etc.

In the following section, you may describe the major pain points and the challenges experienced by your personas. You can write these pain points and challenges in bullet format, making it organized and straightforward for your design and marketing team.

At last, you should capture the value proposition of your product and how they address the various pain points and challenges faced by users. Focus on how your product or service is differentiated from your competitors. The value proposition will drive the key messages that the marketing campaign will be using.