Sales Account Planning

Account name: Acme, Inc.

Account manager: John Smith

Account stage: Prospecting, Qualification, Proposal, Negotiation, Closed Won, Closed Lost

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Account overview

Account revenue e.g. $100M
Industry e.g. eCommerce
Size e.g. 1000 employees
Account contacts
  • e.g. John Smith, CEO,, (123)456-7890
Current relationship e.g. strong/weak

Account strategies

Customer challenges

  • challenges customer is facing

Our solution

  • how we can solve customer's challenges


  • companies competing for this account

Action plan

Action Owner Due Status Notes
schedule a live demo John Smith Jan. 1st, 2020 pending/in progress/done


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Sales Account Planning Template

What is a Sales Account Planning Template?

Sales Account Planning template is a document that contains relevant and essential details of an existing or prospective account. This document may include a range of information such as account revenue, industry, company size, customer challenges, solutions, list of competitors, and even a strategized action plan.

AllAnswered Sales Account Planning template allows you to create a detailed account plan to better accommodate your sales goals and practices.

Why Use a Sales Account Planning Template?

A Sales Account Planning template allows you to create strategic plans more thoroughly and efficiently. It improves your value-driven relationships with your key customers. This can help your company in long-term customer development and retention, which maximizes the revenue potential.

Moreover, using the template also helps account managers have a more in-depth understanding of the client. The template provides easy access to crucial information about the prospect. Every sales manager must know this information before they even think to make the initial phone call.

The template also ensures that your business can capture information about the potential and existing customers in a concise and structured manner. Thus, allowing the sales manager to focus on what is more important regarding a specific account and how it is aligned with your business's offering.

As this template makes it easier for you to have a definite plan, it can also give your business a competitive edge over your competitors. It provides you with that crucial piece of data that can help you in closing the account. In simple words, think of the sales account planning template as a blueprint of the sales process.

How to Use a Sales Account Planning Template?

 At the start of the document, you can cover the general information about the account. For instance, you can include the account name, account manager name, and account stage. The status of the account will prepare the sales representative differently based on the current stage the account is in.

In the following account overview section, you can dig a bit deeper into the account details, such as revenue, industry, company size, contact information, and the current relationship.

Next, you can clearly explain your customers' pain points. Try to list down the various challenges that your existing and potential customers are facing and what solutions you are providing to overcome those challenges. Additionally, you can also list your competitors who are competing for that specific account and your competitive advantages.

At last, you can create an action plan. It will allow the sales representative to identify the various steps they are supposed to take to close the account.