Meeting Minute

Date: today's date

Attendees: @mention attendees


List of goals of the meeting, for example, design spec review:

  • what's this meeting is for


List of main topics to discuss in the meeting:

  • discuss topic


List of key information discussed in the meeting:

  • key information discussed in the meeting


Summarize key decisions made in the meeting:

  • decisions made in the meeting

Action items

List of action items for any open questions and further investigations:

  • action item assigned @mention due by when

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Meeting Minute Template

What is a Meeting Minute Template?

Meeting Minutes, also known as Meeting Notes, is a summary of everything that has been discussed in the meeting. Therefore, regardless of the matter(s) being discussed or the meeting's size, it helps keep all attendees on the same page. Besides, the meeting minutes also provide an official record of all the essential details for those attendees who could not attend.

AllAnswered Meeting Minute Template allows you to create a clear agenda for the meeting and to take notes of the decisions and action items discussed in the meeting.

Why Use a Meeting Minute Template?

There are several benefits of using a meeting minute template. First and foremost, it will increase the efficiency of your meetings. No one is interested in a meeting that drags on without any direction. Hence, using the meeting minute template will motivate the employees to attend the meeting when they already know the agenda. They will come better prepared and participate more actively, which will increase the overall efficiency of meetings.

Meeting Minute template also becomes an official record that your company can easily refer back to and circulate, if necessary. It is why leading organizations use meeting minute templates at project meetings, board meetings, annual meetings, etc.

The template makes it easier for people to catch up when they miss out on attending the meeting. Moreover, people who attended can also use it as a refresher to what was discussed during the meeting.

Because meetings usually involve delegation of tasks, meeting minute saves a lot of time in terms of task management, ensuring that all action items get completed on time.

How to Use a Meeting Minute Template?

To start with, you can use the meeting minute template to list the name of all the attendees who are expected to join the meeting, along with the date of the meeting.

In the following section, you can define the goals and agenda of the meeting - for instance, the purpose of the meeting and the different topics that will be discussed.

The template can also be used to take notes of the key points that were discussed during the meeting, along with the major decisions made. At finally, you should list out all the action items along with the owners and due dates.

While the template is customizable, the AllAnswered Meeting Minute template serves as a great starting point for your next meeting.