Sprint Planning

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Action items

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Sprint Planning Template

What is a Sprint Planning Template?

Sprint planning, also known as agile sprint planning, allows teams to move quickly, build fast, and ship often. It enables the product and engineering team to coordinate their work in one or two-week sprints. Businesses can make use of this sprint planning template to help the product or engineering team prioritize work.

Teams can decide which members have the capacity to take on specific projects. AllAnswered Sprint Planning template allows you to plan the most productive sprints to better manage your agile projects.

Why Use Sprint Planning Template?

Merely having a to-do list will not help teams understand whether the sprint is on track or not. Using a sprint planning template will keep your sprint structured and organized. Moreover, doing too many things at once can lead to incomplete work. By using a sprint planning template, you can have clear goals and focus on the tasks planned for this sprint.

But if you do not define task owners, work can get lost very easily. While clarifying the tasks in the template, you can also define task owners who are responsible for achieving specific goals.

The sprint planning template also ensures that the essential details are easy to find. For instance, team members can easily keep track of details such as priority and resources for each task. This way, you can ensure that the team members are focused on top priorities without being overloaded with work.

Finally, the sprint planning template ensures that all team members are on the same page, working collectively towards their specified goals. In the long run, teams can accomplish more tasks in less time.

How to Use Sprint Planning Template?

You can initiate the sprint planning meeting by following up on any open questions from the last sprint. Use the template to record the tasks that need to be completed in the coming sprint. Once you have these details, you can move ahead with presenting the sprint with new goals.

For ensuring efficient use of the AllAnswered Sprint Planning template, list out all of the main goals you want your team members to focus on, and provide team members with specific deadlines to complete the assigned work.

Moreover, you can capture all important information in the form of action items that help your team members gain more clarity and complete their work on time. By offering guidelines, resources, and deadlines, all in one place, the sprint planning template enables teams to execute their job more effectively.