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Explain what this article is for. For example, how to setup Wifi network.


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How-To Article Template

What is a How-To Article Template?

How-To Article template is an excellent tool for those who are not confident in creating quality documents on their own. The template provides a clear structure for the article, which saves you a lot of time on planning and writing. The How-To Article template is used for providing detailed steps for just about anything that is going on in the company. For instance, it can be used for detailing the steps involved in changing the password or troubleshooting network connectivity issues.

AllAnswered How-To Article template makes it easier for your team to write quality documentation in a short period of time. The template can be integrated with other systems in your company, which offers excellent convenience and value.

Why Use How-To Article Template?

For some people, starting an article is the hardest part. Of course, they might have some ideas about where to start and what should go in the article. But even then, it seems hard to put those ideas on the page.

However, having a standardized template to look at instead of a blank sheet of white can improve brain functioning. It is enough to start the writing process. Moreover, using the template removes the mental block which at times comes with a blank page. It also allows you to work more efficiently and get the job done more quickly.

Besides that, templates are useful for giving a sense of consistency and structure to your writing. With the headings already on the page, you can break down the subject more effectively to make the information flow from point to point.

Templates are also useful to organize the article into something more viewer-friendly, allowing the readers to get all the information they need quickly.

How to Use How-To Article Template?

How-to articles are usually brief. They provide the steps to take for completing certain tasks or performing specific functions. Therefore, it is imperative that it is written precisely.

Create an outline of each step you want someone to follow to complete the task or perform a function. Keep it short and concise so that the readers do not feel overwhelmed with all the information.

Do not forget to make use of screenshots and illustrations if necessary. It will add more value to your how-to articles and will make it easier for the reader to follow the information. Also, use hyperlinks in your content to link to other articles, which might help the readers find more related information quickly.