Support Processes

Priority guidelines

Not all customer issues are equal. Here are our guidelines for answering different types of customer queries.

Low priority

  • criteria #1
  • criteria #2

Normal priority

  • criteria #1
  • criteria #2

Urgent priority

  • criteria #1
  • criteria #2

Escalation process

When should an escalation be initiated:

  • criteria #1
  • criteria #2

Key contacts

List of contacts that you may need when supporting customers and escalating issues:

Group Contact
e.g. Operations e.g. John Smith,, (123)456-7890

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Support Processes Template

What is a Support Processes Template?

The satisfaction of your customer depends upon two things - the quality of your product or service and the kind of support they get from your customer support team. If the support is great and fast, it will reflect on the satisfaction of your customer. However, if the support is not good or takes way too long, your business can lose a loyal customer and potential revenue.

Therefore, it is essential to provide your support team with all the necessary resources they need to provide excellent support service to your customers. AllAnswered Support Processes Template helps your business document the processes, tips, and more for your customer support team.

Why Use Support Processes Template?

There are several benefits of using a support processes template. First and foremost, it helps to keep your entire customer support team aligned by documenting the crucial information and processes. It allows customer support agents to stay consistent in their approach while offering help to customers.

Moreover, the template also helps the customer support team in understanding how to assist specific customer requests. Not all customer issues are equal. Some customers might have a simple issue whereas others might have a more critical issue at hand. Similarly, some issues would be of low priority, whereas other issues might be of high priority that have to be fixed immediately.

Therefore, by using the support processes template, the customer support team can quickly determine the priorities of the customer requests and act accordingly.

Additionally, the template can also act as a training manual for new members of the customer support team and quickly bring them up to speed.

How to Use a Support Processes Template?

The AllAnswered Support Processes template can be used to provide guidelines to your support team for answering different types of customer queries.

For example, you can categorize the priority guidelines into three categories – Low Priority, Normal Priority, and Urgent Priority. Moreover, to help your customer support team quickly make the determination, you may also define some key criteria for these three categories. These criteria will help your team understand which request should be processed first.

In the following section, you can list the process and criteria for the escalation process so your team knows what to do and when a specific request should be escalated.

In addition, you should also use the template to provide a list of key contacts that the team can use while supporting customers and escalating issues.