Date: today's date

Attendees: @mention attendees


List of main topics to discuss in the meeting:

  • Any specific topics you'd like to discuss?
  • What projects you'd like to work on next quarter?
  • Review your goals for this quarter
  • Where can I help as your manager?


List of key information discussed in the meeting:

  • key information discussed in the meeting
  • key information discussed in the meeting

Action items

List of action items for the manager:

  • action item for the manager due by when

List of action items for the employee:

  • action item assigned the employee due by when

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One-on-One Template

What is a One-on-One Template?

One-on-One meetings are the most powerful tools for managers. As a business, you set regular one-on-one meetings between employees and their managers to create a feedback culture in your organization. If done well, these one-on-one meetings can boost productivity in your company. In other words, it is a way to promote continuous improvement in both the employee as well as the manager.

AllAnswered One-on-One template allows your business and managers to conduct effective meetings with the employee. The template provides the much-needed structure and makes it easier to run 1x1 meetings.

Why Use a One-on-One Template?

Giving and receiving feedback during one-on-one meetings can be difficult. Most managers have such meetings with their team members regularly. However, more often than not, managers do it just for the sake of doing it. Awkward silences, status updates, and frequent cancellations are just a few signs of ineffective one-on-one meetings.

Have you ever thought about why many of these meetings are simply a waste of time? Why are such important meetings poorly used in workplaces?

It is because managers do not have access to good one-on-one meeting guidelines, which prevents them from making the most of their time during the feedback session. This is where the template makes life so much easier for the manager. They know exactly what they are supposed to ask and talk to their employees.

Moreover, the template helps managers take notes during the meeting. These notes can then serve as an official record for the company, which can be used by the managers during a performance review.

How to Use One-on-One Template?

Using the template is fairly easy, and you can also customize it based on your requirements. However, in general, you can start using the template by including formal details of the meetings, for instance, the date and attendees.

In the following section, you can list out the agenda of the meeting. Using the bullet point format, you can write down the important topics of discussion during the meeting. It will help you avoid awkward silences and finish the meeting much more efficiently. The template can also be used to take notes during the meeting for the record.

At last, you should include the action items in the template that need to be completed. The action items can be divided into two categories - one for the manager and the other for the employee.