Employee Onboarding

Outline new hire onboarding process.

Day 1

  • Meet HR at front desk
  • Pick up badge
  • Meet the team

Week 1

  • Setup work computer
  • Install software tools
  • Attend new hire orientation

Week 2

  • Attend group meetings
  • Set up 1x1 with manager
  • Payroll, health benefit, 401K

Month 1

  • Complete new hire feedback
  • Manager feedback

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Employee Onboarding Template

What is an Employee Onboarding Template?

Employee onboarding is the process of integrating new recruitments with the company and its culture. It also involves providing the new employee with the necessary information and tools to become a productive member of the team.

While employee onboarding might seem like a relatively simple task, it is more complicated than what meets the eye. This is where the employee onboarding template can help the human resources department.

The AllAnswered Employee Onboarding template helps in streamlining the onboarding process. The template contains all the details, including important information, actions, and documentation required for the new employee.

Why Use Employee Onboarding Template?

You might argue, but an employee onboarding template makes life easier for the human resources department. It will save them a lot of time. Of course, not all onboarding processes are similar. But most of them are very much alike. Therefore, putting together accurate employee onboarding information will help the human resources department streamline the process of welcoming the new hires.

Moreover, using the employee onboarding template also gives your organization a great first impression. By presenting well-organized and structured onboarding practices, new employees will think highly of your organization.

Using the template will also increase employee satisfaction right from the get-go. It is intimidating to arrive at the new place on day one and scatter here and there without any proper communication. When the new hires are provided with structured information, it allows them to know what they are expected to do on the very first day. This calms their sensations and makes them feel more oriented.

The well-organized nature of the company will also help your company to increase the retention rate as well.

How to Use Employee Onboarding Template?

The employee onboarding process requires a lot of paperwork. Therefore, make a list of all the important documents that your organization requires the new employee to fill and submit. Make sure you include all the necessary documents to present a good first impression of the organization. Include all those documents on the employee onboarding checklist before giving them to the new employees.

You can also provide new hires with all the critical information regarding the organization, including the vision and mission statement of the company. You list out the names of people they are expected to meet during the initial days of their employment.

Additionally, you can outline their schedule for the first week and the first month after joining the company. This will serve as a valuable tool for the new hires to remember the things that they are expected to conduct in the initial first few weeks.