Your Team Knowledge at Your Fingertips

See what your team members posting on AllAnswered without leaving Slack.

Set it up in 3 simple steps:

1 Create your team on AllAnswered if you haven't done so

If you have not created a team on AllAnswered, it is as simple as entering your email. A team on AllAnswered is your own private space to capture and grow your team knowledge over time. If you want a public community, simply sign up and create one. It is FREE! See different plans for details.

2 Connect your AllAnswered team to your Slack team

Connect to your Slack team by clicking the "Add to Slack" button under "Admin Team". If you have a public community, you can find the same under "Admin Community". If you do not have the permission to add a third party app to your Slack team, please contact your Slack team admin.

3 Map a community in your team to a Slack channel

Community moderators can map their community to a Slack channel and configure cross-posting to Slack based on post types. To map to a private Slack channel, you need to invite the AllAnswered bot, aabot, to the channel first and then it will show up in the dropdown list.

It is that easy!

Now your team members will see all the new posts on AllAnswered communities without leaving Slack.