Add Your Designs on inVision to AllAnswered Content

Rich embeds stay up to date and synchronized with the inVision

Why should you embed inVision into your AllAnswered knowledge base?

  • Save time and avoid context switching
  • Make content more engaging and interactive
  • No more outdated screenshots and stay up to date

How do you embed inVision into your AllAnswered content?

1 Copy the public URL from inVision

Go to inVision and open up any design that you would like to embed. Click the "Share" button and choose the "Public" tab. Click the "Copy" button to copy the shareable URL.

2 Paste the URL in any AllAnswered content

Open a page or a post in AllAnswered. Paste the copied URL on a blank line and hit enter key. You will see the inVision design magically appears.

Alternatively, you can also use the Media menu of the editor to embed the design.

It is that easy!