I can get around blocked apps in funamo

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I have found  way to get around blocked apps on the android. First, I had blocked all my kids apps. Then saved and synced and confirmed the apps were blocked as the Funamo password screen would come up.

But, when I click the RECENT APPS soft button on my Galaxy S7 on the bottom left, then click on the split mode option on the top right bar of the app, it lets the app open without a funamo block in split mode and you just swipe down to make is full screen. So something about split mode is getting around the Funamo block.

Please advise. Thanks.


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This multi-window feature is Samsung's proprietary feature that differs from standard Android. In general, we recommend that you disable multi-window feature. For devices before Galaxy S6, you can do so in Settings. After S6, the option was removed. But you can still disable it using the following app which is free from Google Play.


Of course, after you disable it, you need to remove that app and protect Google Play (or enable Application Quarantine feature in Funamo) so the user cannot install the app again and turn it back on.

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