How do you know if they turn off funamo from their phone if you don't have access to their email which the account is registered? Is an email sent letting you know their turned off funamo?

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The email you used for your Funamo account should be your email, not your kid's email. For example, if you do a password reset, the new password will be sent to the email. So please make sure that you use your email. You can change the email after you login to the account in your Profile section.

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No email is sent letting you know that Funamo is turned off. This would be a useful feature, or it should say it on the dashboard.

Funamo keeps turning itself off which makes it a useless product. There should be a notification to the parent

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This is a hen-and-egg problem. If the device boots up and funamo is not coming up at all (e.g. being suppressed, freezed or deactivated), then funamo can't state that it is switched off. It can only state the status change from on to off and only in case the daemon has enough time to do so, which can't be assured in case the daemon gets hard-killed. An additional issue might be, which system should be the sender ... the funamo app? Would require a simple mail sender app being part of the funamo app. In case you go to flight mode and switch off all network functionality while you kill funamo, the app will not have any chance to send the mail. So in general, it would be easy to get arround this feature.

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