I can't push sync and need to talk to a person or get an email walking me through

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Hi -- My daughter locked herself out of her phone, which I had to reset and restore.  When I restored it, although her messages, photos etc. were there, Funamo was not.  I reinstalled it.  I could not get it to work.  I also noticed that when I looked at my account, there were now two devices listed, "Phone" (what was there originally) and "her name" (I guess what I did when I reinstalled Funamo on her phone).  I noticed that while "her name" synced at 6:44, the one labeled "phone" wasn't changing, so I deleted "phone."

Please note that in between this I purchased another license, which I'm asking you to refund to my paypal account.  

However, the changes made to her phone have blocked EVERYTHING.  I am not sure why and I can't get into her settings to see if it's something I did to her phone.  When I try to push sync from my phone or computer, it tells me that my device isn't registered for pushes.  Does this mean her device? Or mine? They are the same devices I was using before: a Surface laptop using Windows 10Pro and and Iphone SE.  

Please help.  She can't text or call -- it's basically a brick, and I spent hours trying to get it functioning again.  And I tried your help forum, and there's nothing there.  

I need a real answer, to my actual email, or a person on the phone.  I recommended you to people but in the past you actually answered me.  
Please spell out the instructions, because I cannot keep doing this
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