"Job submission failed: You do not have permission to access this the input file or directory at...."

12 weeks ago by
I believe the issue is that the file path doesn’t exist. Agave virtualizes file paths, so it’s not a given that the physical system path is the same path you’d use when referring to a file item with an Agave URL. In this case, your home directory on the docking.storage system is ~/diego86. That means you can just provide that as a relative path and Agave will figure it out. Can you try resubmitting using the input value agave://docking.storage/diego86/211680_SP.pdbqt or just diego86/211680_SP.pdbqt? I believe you’ll have better luck with that.

Original file path: agave://docking.storage//home/docking/storage//home/docking/storage/diego86/211680_SP.pdbq
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