How do you convert UIC code(s) to NLC codes.

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We send UIC codes to Fujitsu in our XML requests.

See below of example request to Fuji

<Origin type="UIC">7011270</Origin><Origin type="UIC">7011270</Origin>
<Destination type="UIC">7014440</Destination>

How do I convert this to the NLC code so I can find out the station name for the origin/destinations?

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To convert the origin and destination codes 7011270 and 7014440:

UIC codes belong to the International Union of Railways (an international rail transport industry body).
The "70" at the front means UK.
The "1127" is the UK station code in this instance.
The "0" at the end is for padding (I think)

Chop of the 70 at the beginning and the trailing 0
7011270 (UIC) to 1127 (NLC)
7014440 (UIC) to 1444 (NLC)

You can then search the locations.json reference data file for the NLC codes. As you can see from below (data from locations.json) the search was Birmingham New Street > London Euston.

NLC code 1127
  "bookingOffice": false,
  "crs": "BHM",
  "name": "Birmingham New Street",
  "nlc": "1127",
  "stationName": "Birmingham New Street",
  "ticketMachine": true,
  "tiploc": "BHAMNWS",
  "useForJourneyPlanning": true

NLC code 1444
  "bookingOffice": false,
  "crs": "EUS",
  "name": "London Euston",
  "nlc": "1444",
  "stationName": "London Euston",
  "ticketMachine": true,
  "tiploc": "EUSTON",
  "useForJourneyPlanning": true

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