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I'm new to wingware and i'm going through a python tutorial where the guy steps through for loops and it shows in the "watch" tab of his IDE.  I don't see how to add this tab, as when I right click, it's not listed as an option.  Is this feature available?  The only tab that comes close is the "call stack" when I added it, but it's not as detailed.  

Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm afraid you're right. The documentation on the debugger, which includes the watch feature, begins "Wing Pro's debugger provides a powerful toolset for rapidly locating and fixing bugs in single and multi-threaded Python code, and in a single or multi-processing environment. The debugger supports breakpoints, stepping through code, inspecting and changing stack or module data, watch points, expression evaluation, and command shell style interaction with the paused debug process."


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I think I found my answer, but if someone could verify, that would be great.  I think this is in the full feature version, I would think.
You're correct that the Watch tool is only in Wing Pro. However, the Stack Data tool may show what you need. You may also want to use Wing Personal rather than Wing 101 since Wing 101 is an intentionally stripped down IDE for use in introductory computer science courses.
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