Spatialcoordinates of a boundary of mesh

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Hi there,
I am solving a nonlinear elasticity problem in which i must compute volume after deformation before proceeding to next time step. The way i am computing volume is:-
def Compute_Volume(u):
	X = SpatialCoordinate(mesh)
        #compute pressure (ml)
        # u  is the displacement calculated through solution of this problem
	vol = 1e6*abs(assemble((-1.0/3.0)*dot(X + u, J*inv(F).T*n_mesh)*ds(30)))
	return vol​
Now i have changed the geometry to a mesh where there are two separate compartments i.e. now i must compute volume for the left and the right compartments (ventricles of heart) separately (mesh geometry attached below for ease of understanding)

I dont know how to get spatial coordinates for the left and right boundary (compartments or ventricles) of the mesh. I have seen an earlier post (here) that discusses about printing coordinates of the boundaries of mesh but that doesnt work for Spatialcoordinates. I am confused.

Some help / guidance is required please.
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After some more search i have reached the following solution 

from dolfin import*

mesh = Mesh('biv_mesh.xml')

mf = FacetFunction("size_t",mesh)

left_submesh = Submesh(mesh,mf,30)


Please do add ,if there is some improvement possible to this solution. Thanks

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