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I am using a solver similar to ( for solving an advection-diffusion equation, with the only difference being that I am only solving one equation (not three, as in the example). I'm able to run the script, and plot the results.

I would like to do a mass conservation check on the results, i.e. assuming a medical application, where x gm of a drug (source term) is injected at a particular point in the mesh over the course of a complete simulation, I would like to check the amount of the drug in the entire mesh at the end of the simulation. The mass conservation check will be a part of the post-processing, and will be run after

I looked for similar examples, but could not find any. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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You can integrate scalar quantities with assemble(), e.g.,

integral_of_u_1 = assemble(u_1*dx)​

for the integral of u_1 over the domain.
that was simple enough, thank you!
written 5 months ago by Sophia Wright  
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