I want to use Codeworld at my school but Codeworld doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11...

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Dear Codeworld,

I am teaching the topic of functions to a high attaining class of 13-14 year olds at my school and I wanted to use Codeworld. I've taught this topic before without computers to another class but when I came across Codeworld I thought it would be wonderful to try a different approach. I got quite excited about my lesson but when I tried Codeworld on the school computers the site would not work. The school computers use Internet Explorer 11 and why would they update their browser just for my class?

Is there no alternative but abandon my plan to use Codeworld entirely?

-Eric M.
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Thanks for the question, and sorry to let you down.  I'll see if I can figure out how to install and test with IE 11, and fix the problem as soon as I have the time.

In the future, you can ask questions like this at https://github.com/google/codeworld/issues.  This site is really intended more for students who have questions.  But this works for now.
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