Running debugger from external console multiple times

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I have seen that when I insert "import wingdbstub" into my flow to start wing's debugger from an external console, it only starts wing's debugger the first time I run my flow.  If I want to enter wing's debugger again, I need to exit and start a new python console.  How do I get the debugger to start every time without starting a new console?


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You can add code like this:

import wingdbstub

That should make sure that there is a debug connection and that the debugger is active.



Thanks, yes, this worked.  Is there also a way to bring calls from the debug probe into the debugger so they can be stepped through?

written 8 months ago by Matt Claudius  

Yes, in Wing Pro you can turn on debugging in the Debug Probe's Options menu.

written 8 months ago by Wingware Support  

Found it, thanks.

written 8 months ago by Matt Claudius  
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