Running debugger from external console multiple times

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I have seen that when I insert "import wingdbstub" into my flow to start wing's debugger from an external console, it only starts wing's debugger the first time I run my flow.  If I want to enter wing's debugger again, I need to exit and start a new python console.  How do I get the debugger to start every time without starting a new console?


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You can add code like this:

import wingdbstub

That should make sure that there is a debug connection and that the debugger is active.



Thanks, yes, this worked.  Is there also a way to bring calls from the debug probe into the debugger so they can be stepped through?

written 18 months ago by Matt Claudius 

Yes, in Wing Pro you can turn on debugging in the Debug Probe's Options menu.

written 18 months ago by Wingware Support 

Found it, thanks.

written 18 months ago by Matt Claudius 
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