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A) I'm missing the option to setup the device into Weekend-Mode. For example because it's vacation or holiday and I do not need the restrictiveness as during a school day. I would suggest to use the saturday settings as the Weekend-Mode-Settings, or make the user choose.

B) Similar would be the "All open" option. It basically disables the time limit for the day and sets the time frame "time limited apps" are allowed to 24h.

C) And the third option would be just the opposite. A button that would set up the mobile as if the time frame for the "time limited apps" would not exists at all and the mobile is just that a mobile and not e.g. a game console.


And last a field stating for how many days this is valid until it returns to normal mode.


The benefit would be, one do not has to change the settings just for the day, or the week. And one does not have to undo the changes ones e.g. the vacation day is over.




Thank you for your suggestions. Are these suggestions specifically for time-limited app feature or for all app controls - protected apps, time-limited apps and daily time allowance apps?

written 22 months ago by Funamo Support 
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