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Several months ago, I allowed all the apps again for my son during the summer. Now i am trying to re-set up some restrictions and it seems Funamo is not on his phone at all now. ?? What do I do? Do I have to sign up for it again or what?

I actually realized what happened, I think. I did not disable Funamo. In fact, I thought it would always be running in the background. I don't even know how to disable it....but that is another subject....But my son's phone pretty much crashed back in May while on vacation and we reset it. That must have been when we lost Funamo because he had to re download some of his apps and such.


Guess I will have to redownload it. yikes. I remember that being a confusing process.

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written 22 months ago by Cheryl 

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When you allowed all apps during summer, you probably disabled Funamo protection. Then your kid can simply remove Funamo. You can install it again from Google Play and set it up again. Just remember NOT to create a new Funamo account, just use your old account. Otherwise, it will not recognized your license because of different account. I have done this many times in the past and you will get your license after you set it up again.

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Sorry. I posted this as a comment.

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