How can I change my email and password?

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You can change your password either from the device or from the web. It is simpler to change your password from the device. You can open Funamo on your device (stop Funamo if Funamo protection is currently on). Then click Account settings -> Change password and enter your new password. Now you can use your new password on both the device and the web. You may also change the email and/or password on the web under your profile. After you change your email/password online, you can login to Funamo app on the device using the new email/password. (If you are using an old version of Funamo app, please make sure that you enable "Changed email or password online" checkbox on Funamo login page when you try to login on the device to ensure consistency between the device and the server.)

You can also request a password reset on the web if you completely forget your password and cannot login on either the device or the web. A randomly generated password will be sent to your email. After you receive the email, please follow the instructions in the email to login Funamo app on your device. After you login, you can go to Account settings -> Change password to change the password to something that is easier for you to remember. Now you can use your new password on both the device and the web.

If you (or your accountability partner) changed the email/password online but do not have access to the device, you (or your accountability partner) can click "Synchronize with device" button online to push the new password to the device. Please make sure that the device has a working internet connection and Funamo protection is turned on.

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There is no option in settings to change password on web. How can I change it?
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