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I've been using Funamo for years on my son's phone.  Recently, the app is not enforcing the daily time allowance.  It is running, and records usage of the apps, but that usage is far in excess of the limit.  Has anyone seen this behaviour?  Is there a way to defeat this feature?

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On a Slightly different note if I set the allowed time (weekday or weekend) to "00:00". All apps are still usable.

I make sure that "App daily time allowance" and "Allowance applies to all apps" are both checked  and have confirmed the sync worked by checking the device directly.

As I understand it this should work similarly to the "device control" method of lock down and apps should not be usable at all.

Is this a bug?


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This happens to us once. Later we figured out that my son he changed the device date to get around the daily allowance. So when he knows that he is going to run out of time, he would change the date to some future date. Once we found that out, we protected Settings so he cannot change date/time any more. I would suggest that you try the same and see if it makes any differences. Good luck!

Thanks for the tip. That seems plausible. I leave settings on so he can connect to Bluetooth. But the history doesn't indicate any clock tampering.
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You may also run a quick test to determine if the settings are done correctly. Set the daily allowance to 2mins and try it yourself to see if you can run the apps more than 2 mins.

It does prevent me from starting an app after the limit is reached. Not so for my son. Is the day from midnight to midnight?
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The daily time allowance is on a rolling 24-hour basis.

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So the boundary between 24-hour periods can be any time of day?  I'll keep this in mind.

I noticed some troubling behavior.  On the web site, when I show history for the last one day, I see records going back for 37 hours.  And they include 3 hours of Netflix when the allowance is 1 hour.

My goal is to determine whether my son is defeating the daily allowance (perhaps he has the password or can shut down Funamo some other way), or whether Funamo is not working as expected.  As I said before, when he turns the phone in for the night, and I try to run Netflix, Funamo blocks it properly.

Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

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since it is rolling 24 hours, there is really no boundary. So Funamo always check if the current running app has exceeded the daily time allowance in the last 24 hours. If it has, it will be blocked.

I would suggest that you keep the device for a couple of days and try it yourself to see (1) if the apps are blocked as expected. (2) if the app history is reported correctly. If you find anything that is wrong, please send us a private email with your account info so we can investigate it further.

written 2.1 years ago by Funamo Support  

My son told me that he uses "guest mode" to get around the Funamo time allowance.  Funamo runs, but when I start Netflix in guest mode, I get a momentary blue box that says "Feature Unavailable", and Netflix runs fine (it should be blocked).

One work-around is to keep him from accessing Settings so he can't set up guest mode.  But when I add Settings to the protected app list, it is still partly accessible.  For instance, Settings->Wifi is blocked and Settings->Bluetooth is blocked.  But Settings->Guest-Mode is not blocked.   I reinstalled Funamo and Settings->Guest-Mode still is not blocked.

Is there another way to keep my son from using guest mode to avoid daily time limits?

written 2.1 years ago by Rob Scala  

Please refer to the following question for how to prevent guest account.



written 2.1 years ago by Funamo Support  
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