Funamo is not automatically restarting itself upon reboot. What could be wrong?

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Please make sure that:

  • Funamo protection is enabled when you reboot your device. When Funamo is enabled, you should see a dark-blue F logo on your notification bar. If you expand the notification bar, you should see "Funamo protection is on". If Funamo protection is not on when you reboot your device, it will not automatically enable the protection. This is to prevent kids from turning Funamo back on by simply rebooting the device. If Funamo protection has been turned off for whatever reason, it can be turned back on only if you have the password.
  • Please make sure that you do NOT move Funamo Parental Control to SD card after installation. Applications on the SD card can't restart automatically.
  • For some device coming from vendors such as Huawei, Xiaomi, they added some non-standard settings. I would suggest the following:

    1. Check if there are any apps or settings that is similar to app manager, task manager, task killer, memory optimizer. Those apps can be used to kill Funamo. If you find some such apps, please put it in the protected app list so it is blocked.

    2. Check if there are settings in the Settings App (not Funamo) to enable/disable automatic restart of apps when the phone restarts. Make sure Funamo is enable to auto restart. Otherwise, when you restart your phone, Funamo will be disabled.


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