Now every time when I try to open a web link, I get the Funamo login screen. What's the problem?

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First of all, make sure that Funamo Browser is not in the protected, time-limited or time allowance list.

If you still get the login page, most likely, it is because you have selected the built-in browser as the default for the action to open any web link. Since now you are blocking the built-in browser, you would get the Funamo login page. To solve it, please open Settings then go to Apps (or Applications->Manage Applications for some models). Swipe left until you see "ALL" tab. Select the built-in default Android browser from the list. Scroll down and you should see a button called "Clear Default". Click it to clear the default setting. Now, try to open any web link, you should get a popup asking you which browser to use. Please check "Use by default for this action" and click Funamo Browser. Now, it will make Funamo browser the default browser to open links rather than the built-in browser.

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