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When an email comes in with an attachment, (jpg, pdf), Funamo asks for a password to view it. Also, in the body of an email, jpgs are displayed as a bank box, with the option of "show images." Selecting "show pictures" makes no difference. How to fix this, and view attachments without requiring password? 

It looks like the two image links are broken. Is it possible for you to edit your question and upload the images again?

written 2.4 years ago by Funamo Support 

I no longer have the images. The question is clear without them anyway. We would really like to view PDF and JPG attachments without being blocked by Funamo. 

written 2.3 years ago by Poynter 

The reason for the images is that we want to see how you are accessing your emails. Are you using the browser to access them or are you using apps such as Gmail, Email app instead?

written 2.3 years ago by Funamo Support 

We are not using the browser, we're using the default Android email app.

I missed your reply because it did not come to my email, and we really need to get this resolved. Can we talk on the phone? I'm at 717 738 0300 ask for Dwight

written 2.3 years ago by Poynter 

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I cannot access the private emails because my business internet filter classifies the link as social networking. please call me at 717 738 0300 ask for Dwight. Thank you. 



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