I just setup my device, but I don't see any history data on the web. What should I do?

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Once Funamo is setup and enabled, all activities are logged automatically. You can access the history both on the device and on the web. The history data on the device is real-time, but we only upload the history data to the server once a day between midnight and 5am to minimize the impact on your regular use because sometime the history data can be big depending on your usage.

But you can always do a manual sync either on the device or from the web. On the phone, please go to Funamo->Account settings->Manually sync with server. On the web site, please select the device on the right hand side and click Synchronize with device button. To sync from the web site, Google push has to be registered when you initially set up Funamo. Or you can go to Funamo->Account settings-> Register push service to do it after your initial setup. Please note that sync from the web may not work if the device is turned off or the device does not have a working internet connection. Sometimes when Google's push server is busy, it may also postpone the push notification to a later time.

The location data, unlike other device history data, are uploaded to Funamo server in real time. All other device data such as calls/SMS/web/application are uploaded each night.

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