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Hi. On galaxy S7, Android 6.0.1, word filtering not working. Received funamo answer on playstore that everything is working, but when i tried on my phone it seems that nothing changed and still not working. Lets say i add a word (upskirt) to word filtering, start funamo, go to internet browser (not chrome, not Mozilla or any other), type in upskirt and vualia - you can find videos and pictures as many as you like!!! Nothing is blocked. Then i put one site to black list, start funamo, again tried to search for this site and again - vualia!!! Nothing is blocked. I do not want to use Funamo browser. Sent emails to support but they didn't bother to answer.
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First of all, we reply to every email we receive. Don't know why your email was not received or you did not get our response.

To use internet browser instead of Funamo browser, you will need to setup proxy manually using the advanced mode. Please refer to the following instruction page for details. https://www.funamo.com/android-parental-control-instruction

In general, we highly recommend that you use Funamo browser, particularly for Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 or later because Funamo only logs web history on Funamo browser due to new Android security restrictions. It is also much easier to setup. Funamo browser is based on Chrome which is much better than the Internet browser which is a browser from Samsung based on the old Android browser.

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