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I like Funamo so much on my phone, I purchased and installed it on my Kindle Fire Gen 2, unfortunately, without testing it first. When I run Funamo Browser on the Kindle it relentlessly "hangs". For example, I'll start the browser and navigate to, which will work. The page will successfully complete a google search (for example "h2owireless"). When I click on a link address (for example the page starts to load, but when the progress bar is at about 10 or 15 percent it "hangs". Just stops running. I try reload, or manually enter the URL in the address bar, all to the same result. Then sometimes it will even hang on Please Help!

Here's what I've done:



First, I did a hard reset on my Kindle Fire Gen 2 (Serial number: begins with D026, System Version: 10.5.1_user_#######). I followed the instructions at: I downloaded Funamo Parental Control "For all kindle fire system versions", and I downloaded Funamo Safe Browser 2.0 "For system version ... 10.5.1". I followed the instructions to download and install "ES File Explorer". From ES File Explorer, I ran and installed "FunamoAmazon_3.2.13.apk" and "FunamoBrowserFireHD_2.1.15.apk". I started Funamo Parental Control, logged in with my existing account, turned on "Block all other browsers", and exited. When I start Funamo Browser, I have the issues described above.


I tried a bunch of different stuff. Each time I completely uninstalled the Funamo apps first (but did not do a hard reset). I tried the gen 1 version of Funamo Parental (FP) control and Funamo Browser (FB). I tried gen 1 version of FP with gen 2 version of FB, and gen 2 of FP with gen 1 of FB.

The one thing that works, is to uninstall the Funamo apps. Install gen 2 FP and gen 2 FB. Then, before I run FP, if I run FB without any parental control active the browser works just fine, with no issues! The moment I run FP and turn it on, the Funamo Browser stops working as I described above.

I really like the product, and already paid for it, so I really hope we can get this to work. Thanks!

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As we discussed through emails, we could not reproduce the issue you encountered with our Kindle Fire Gen 2 device which runs OS 7.5.1 and we do not have any device that runs 10.5.1. And Funamo browser works as expected on ours.

If you do decide to buy a newer version of Kindle Fire, we can transfer your license to it. Funamo license is tied to specific device but we do allow license transfer within 6 months of purchase for any device related issue.

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