A third party app broke the Funamo insallation on a device. During uninstall, it unregistered my device.

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I got Funamo re-installed on my device, but I no longer see it in my funamo account page and its saying I need to purchase a new license. Is there any way to retrieve my old license?

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As a follow up, it ended up being user error and internet access issues, not a separate app, that gave me problems. Git it fixed.

@mike, Thank you for posting a follow up answer! Glad to hear that it is working now.

written 2.2 years ago by Funamo Support  
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Did you create a new Funamo account when you setup Funamo again? If so, Funamo would not be able to find the license because it is in a different account. If this is the case, you can simply uninstall Funamo again and reinstall it. Then set it up again using your inital Funamo account. If you still have issues, could you please send us a private email from the Funamo community page with your emails for Funamo account and we can check them for you.

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