Why are Settings and Google Play Store password protected by default?

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How can I allow basic settings and access to Play Store without my password?

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Settings and Google Play Store are password protected by default because it is the safest.

If you would like to allow basic settings without password protection, we recommend that you use either the notification shortcuts or a setting widget. If your device is running Android 4.0 or later, you can find shortcuts to some basic settings such as turning on/off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and adjusting brightness from the notification bar. Most Android devices also come with a widget called Power control or you can find similar widgets on Android Market/Google Play Store. For example, Widgetsoid and Elixir are free and they allow many setting features without opening up the Settings app. For Kindle Fire, the basic settings are also available from the notification bar.

Regarding connecting to open WiFi hotspots, if you are using Funamo Safe Browser, we would recommend apps such as WiFi Manager which allows complete WiFi settings. However, we do not recommend it if you are using Advanced mode because it can be used to reset the proxy and bypass Funamo filter. For Advanced mode, WiFi settings should always be protected. We recommend that you connect to all the WiFi hotspots that your kids normally use, such as home, school, library, Starbucks, McDonald's, etc. Then the hotspots will be remembered by Android and listed under WiFi Settings. You can set proxy for all of them and then enable Funamo protection. The next time when the device is in the WiFi range, it will automatically connect.

If you would like to allow kids to access Google Play Store or Settings, you can do so under Account settings. We highly recommend that you make sure that both "Enable Device Admin" and "Protect Device Admin" options are enabled. "Protect Device Admin" prevents deactivating Funamo device admin while Funamo protection is on. If you want to uninstall Funamo later, please use Uninstall Funamo option in Funamo app.

In the latest Funamo Parental Control, Settings and Google Play Store are no longer blocked by default due to Google policies. Please add them to protected apps if you would like to block them. Funamo accountability still blocks them by default as before.

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