My son is able to access play store and setting, even though funamo is running and these settings have NOT been allowed under settings?

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The only function I am getting from Funamo is seeing the history.  Otherwise he is able to perform every function I am trying to control.....settings, google play store, chrome, apps, etc.  This phone and license is two years old...could it be something is not updating?

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Are you running the latest version of Funamo? Did your device recently have a system update? If your device was updated to Android 5.x Lollipop, you will need to update Funamo to the latest version. Android Lollipop had some significant restrictions that would break the old Funamo. If an update does not fix it, please try to uninstall Funamo from your device and reinstall it from Google Play store. Then set it up using the same Funamo account. 

Another change in Funamo is that it does not block Settings and Google Play by default any more due to Google Policy changes. So please add them to protected app list if you want them to be blocked.

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Paul S  

I have a similar problem.

Android 5.0.2

Uninstall and reinstalled Funamo

Added apps to protected list.

All still unprotected.

Any other advice?

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