Some settings not working correctly, how do i fix them?

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For example, I have checked "Force GPS Activation" and "SAVE" many many times and then I sync to the device. As soon as I go back to settings, the GPS box in unchecked, It will NOT work.

Also, on the option to block all apps, it has been checked for about a week or so and has no effect on my sons apps. How am i able to get this feature to work? I'd like to use it occasionally.

-Thank you

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I am seeing the same...

written 2.2 years ago by Alex Andrews  

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Thank you for reporting the issue. We were able to reproduce the problem with Force GPS and we have pushed out a fix for it. The new version of Funamo parental control and Funamo accountability is 3.2.12. Please update it on Google Play Store and see if it fixes your problem.

Regarding block all apps, you need to select time slots when you want it to start and end. If you are doing it online, after you enable it, you will need to select the time slots under Time tab. After it is all done, then sync the changes to the device.

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