Unable to access https even though website is on whitelist

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I am looking to restrict all but a few websites, so have chosen to 'Allow whitelist only' and have added the sites I'd like accessible to the 'Add website whitelist'. The problem I'm running into is that there is a site that requires https or it will not load correctly. I have to type in my funamo email and password every time to access this desired page, even though it's on my whitelist. This is because when sites are added to the whitelist, site prefixes are eliminated. Is there a way to fix this or a workaround? Thanks!

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From what you described, it does not seem like the website is blocked, but rather the browser is blocked, because website blocking does not require email/password. You basically get a Blocked by Funamo webpage. So my best guess is that you may have opened the same site with other browsers before and it tries to open the same site with that browser. If you have Block other browsers option enabled, you will get Fuanmo login page. Please see this question for more details and clear your default to see if it helps.


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