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Did Lord Lees speak at the PMQs yesterday to raise Beaufort issue and share ownership? I thought he was on the list of speakers but may have missed him with all the commotion.
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Someone "farted" and people promptly began to vacate the chamber, quite a scene I believe. Minor tremors before the big earthquakes to come!  Lord Lee will no doubt have something interesting to report nonetheless, once he recovers.
written 8 weeks ago by Keith  

As usual, they avoided the main question. We need everyone to keep the pressure up on their MPs so that Rule 135 is removed.
written 8 weeks ago by Nandish  
Well they are going to park it outside the door of the FCA for now.  The FCA definitely do need to comment, it's a total shambles.  We (possibly millions) have billions tied up in these structures.  We need the FCA to completely nail it with their response or they will be falling short and will need to go back to the Lords for more lessons.  I am not sure why the keep referring to it as complex, that worries me.  Why is it complex? Well it's complex because it is a shambles.   
written 8 weeks ago by Keith  
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