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Running (X)Ubuntu 18.04I wish to use my Wing application (Wing Pro 6.0.12-1) to debug programs on my Pi 3B+.

I have connected by SSH (no login) and can edit programs quite happily.
(ssh login ssh pi@

I've also established sshfs file sharing.
I'm now trying to set up a debug link.
I've performed each operation up to the 'ssh reverse tunnel.
When I enter :

ssh -N -R 50005:localhost:50005 pi@

the command hangs.

50005 is the port on my PC
50050 is the port on the Pi

Not sure what to try next !
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With Wing Pro you don't need sshfs or to set up an ssh tunnel manually.  The instructions for how to set up to develop on a Raspberry Pi are here:  http://wingware.com/doc/howtos/raspberry -- if you've gone through the steps in "Remote Development with Wing Pro" then you should just be able to open a file and debug it, same as if it were running on the local host.

See also http://wingware.com/blog/remote-development for some details on remote development.
Thanks - RTFM (Read not browse !).
One reason I thought that it wasn't working was that I am running a set of programs for 'Hats' connected to the GPIO pins on the pi.
Most of these need to be run as 'root' and I was getting failures in the control modules. I'll investigate some more.

File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/rpi_ws281x/rpi_ws281x.py", line 124, in begin
  raise RuntimeError('ws2811_init failed with code {0} ({1})'.format(resp, str_resp))

builtins.RuntimeError: ws2811_init failed with code -5 (mmap() failed)​

Thanks for prompt reply and putting me back on the right path !

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You'll either need to set the Host Name in the Remote Host configuration to root@192168.0.37 or instead of starting debug from the IDE start it from the Rasp Pi command line w/ sudo and initiate debug with wingdbstub as described in http://wingware.com/blog/remote-web-dev
written 22 days ago by Wingware Support  
Thanks  for all your help.
I have now worked out how to set up remote debugging
as per http://wingware.com/blog/remote-web-dev
and can now selectively debug remote python programs running as root.
written 21 days ago by iainrs  
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