Funamo internet filtering content doesn work

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I dont speak english very well. the thing is that I purchased a funamo's licence some time ago, but now I realize that when I mark the "Internet filtering content" from Funamo's setting I cannot acces to any web page, it gives me this message " This webpage is not available", but when I disabled that option I can access without any problem to ALL web pages, the problem is that I can access to porn web pages too, my email registered in funamo is "" and I named my device as "Samsung" , my device is Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1" Android version 4.4.2 kernel version 3.4.39-4497041,


I tried to install and reinstall both Browser Funamo and Funamo, but it doesnt work. Please fix this problem, thank you very much

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Did you try to restart your tablet? It may help. I have the same tablet with Android version 4.4.3 and Funamo works fine for me.

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It is hard to tell where the problem might be based on the information you provided. Please send us a private email and we can help you double check the settings.

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