Child cell after Mitosis

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I would like to ask if I can simulate parent cell as A dividing to child cell as A and B (two different cell types) ?
Thank you in advance.

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When A divides into one, one of them will have attributes as 'parentCell' and the other 'childCell'. You can do something like parentChild.type=self.A and childCell.type=self.B (assuming you have initialized your celltypes as A and B)
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Thank you, but I wanted to ask if I can simulate parent cell A divide to 2 cells which is child cell A and child cell B.
That sounds like a normal cell division. You start with "parent cell A" and get "child cell A" and "child cell B". As Priyom posted, you can assign any cell type you want to each of the child cells. The "parent/child" relationship really isn't meant to be biological (though you could make it so). In CC3D, "parent" just means one of the two cells has the same as the original cell. The "child" cell will have a newly created
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Thank you, I will work on it.
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